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A Few Details about Me is about a woman named Imogene, a 30 something-year-old who discovers her life is meaningless. She has to cope with this reality in her life, and seeks to understand what this world is about. She has a friend named Cassandra who helps as well as a very talented psychiatrist named Dr. Jones.  At one point she even consults a Tarot card reader, with the hope of finding meaning. She does develop a special relationship with Little Bear, a figurine she finds one day… But is this relationship a descent into madness?




Oct. 26, 2017:  We are re-grouping and re-thinking the project and how we’re going to go about it… More to come.

So we have some major news to share: our star actress, Ella Modella has withdrawn from the project for personal reasons.  We at Interquel Productions are just… well, we’re shattered on the one hand, that after six years of work and countless hours of footage, our main actress has had to depart from the project.  On the other hand, we wish Ella well in her future plans and endeavours whatever these may be.

The risk of micro-budget filmmaking is that you can run into situations just like this one, and there is little to no recourse in terms of actions we could take.  The ideal would have been a completion insurance bond – an insurance “bet” that the project gets finished on time and on budget, and if anything should happen – like a star having to quit – insurance would cover the cost of production.

SO, where do we go from here? Is there any chance we can get Ella Modella back again?

Anything and Everything is possible at this very moment, and this is at the same time daunting and thrilling!  As producer of the film, John Stopa says: “I wish there was some sort of magic wand I could just wave, or some oracle that would give me the right answers as to what to do next.  Anyone got any suggestions?” Stopa went on to affirm that the A FEW DETAILS ABOUT ME project is by no means in any jeopardy or demise; it’s just that how it’s going to be done must be re-evaluated. And QUICKLY!!!


A FEW DETAILS ABOUT ME borrows somewhat from the “Slow Movie” tradition of Van Sant, Jarmusch, Cristi Puiu, Todd Haynes (Safe), Jia Zhang-ke, Pedro Costa, Abbas Kiarostami among others. This is the third film for writer-director-producer John Stopa. Production of the film has been ongoing; preproduction began in the spring of 2012. The planned release date for this film is fall 2018. A crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo is planned for September 2017, wherein we hope to raise us finding to finish the production/filming of major key scenes with multiple actors.

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The September T-shirt giveaway winner is Mr. Rick Valin.  An official, beautiful, highly-covered AFDAM t-shirt is on its way, literally at this very moment(!), to his mailbox.  Congrats, Rick!

Stay tuned for our next contest, coming soon!

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    Don’t forget to check out the links page for this website to see related pages.

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    Wishing you GREAT SUCCESS with your film, John!
    -Tommy Merry

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    Wishing you great success

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      AFDAM says

      Thanks Vijay, you have been helpful in the success of the website!

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    Michelle Hrynyk says

    Wishing you the best success in this venture.

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      AFDAM says

      Thanks so much Michelle! Hope all is well with you!

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    Dave Campbell says

    Good luck with the project John. Looking forward to seeing it.

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      AFDAM says

      Thanks Dave

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    I’m a 76 year old retired filmmaking and television teacher working from my home/office computer here in New York. I mentor, collaborate, produce and assist young people who want to move forward in many countries.
    Write me if you direct your work and need any kind of help. New Media Creators always make the best directors.

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    sheila Pitt says

    I wish you every success John in this endeavour

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      AFDAM says

      Thanks so much Sheila!

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